Prayer and Fasting Volume 2 – CD


In this series, Dr. Munroe details the words of God, or how he explains it, the laws of God. The Kingdom of God allows it’s citizens to be in the world but not of the world because of the laws of God. Dr. Munroe fully explains how obeying God’s laws allows you to experience the world differently from how others do simply because of obedience of law.


Disc 1 – Rediscovering The Kingdom Template of Prayer Petition
Disc 2 – The Principle and Power of Praying In The Name of Jesus
Disc 3 – Rediscovering The Prayer Life of Jesus
Disc 4 – Rediscovering The Prayer Life of Jesus (Cont’d)
Disc 5 – Re-Membering Him
Disc 6 – Re-Membering Him (Cont’d)

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