King’s Kids: Meet The King of The Jungle


King’s Kids: Meet the King of the Jungle is the first entry in the K.I.N.G.D.O.M. series of young children’s books (ages 2-8), which follows the adventures of Miguel, Kyra, Ryan, and Abby — the King’s Kids — as they learn simple but valuable life lessons on a variety of topics ranging from love and acceptance to purpose and teamwork. Each book in the series explores a central theme, using K.I.N.G.D.O.M. as an acronym. In King’s Kids: Meet the King of the Jungle, an encounter with a lion teaches the children about the role of the King, the King’s authority, and, by extension, their authority as His Kids.

Beautifully illustrated and spiritually layered, King’s Kids Books offer a fun and engaging way for parents to teach their children about the Kingdom of God. Most importantly, young readers are taught that they are children of God, the King. They are not just kids. They are King’s Kids!


  • A perfect bedtime story that kids find relatable, peaceful, and joyful!
  • An excellent tool for sparking meaningful conversation.
  • Kids learn about themes of love, acceptance, and teamwork as they observe the King’s Kids.
  • Supplement Bible stories with King’s Kids, an allegorical story that helps solidify the concepts your children are already learning.
  • Includes “Keys from the King” page to help parents share important themes with their children.
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