King’s Kids: A Day At The Beach


What does it mean to be a King’s Kid? Find out in King’s Kids: A Day At The Beach, the second release of the K.I.N.G.D.O.M series of children’s books (ages 2-8). This series follows Miguel, Kyra, Ryan, and Abby — the King’s Kids — as they travel the world and experience simple life lessons on everything from love and acceptance to purpose and teamwork. Each book in the series explores a concept or principle, using the acronym K.I.N.G.D.O.M.

In book two, the children spend a day enjoying the sun, sand, and waves on a tropical beach, but their fun is challenged by a visitor who attempts to cast doubt in the mind of Kyra. In the end, they all learn a valuable lesson and are reminded of their Identity as Kids of The King.


  • A perfect bedtime story that kids find relatable, peaceful, and joyful
  • An excellent tool for sparking meaningful conversation
  • Kids learn about themes of love, acceptance, and teamwork as they observe the King’s Kids
  • Supplement Bible stories with King’s Kids, an allegorical story that helps solidify the concepts your children are already learning
  • Includes “Keys from the King” page to help parents share important themes with their children.
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