Black Son White Mother Ebook (PDF)

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“Black Son White Mother” written by Charlie Masala and Gail Vermeulen

In this book, Charlie Masala and Gail Vermeulen converted their personal experiences into an excellent work. This book will challenge and motivate you to rise to the occasion in internalizing diversity in your life and work. The reader is taken on a unique journey to unlocking the potential of diversity in the workplace from the genesis of diversity in chapter 1 right through to embracing diversity in chapter 22.

The book challenges and navigates the reader through some of the often unspoken realities of diversity in helping you to dispel some of the myths keeping you back in transforming yourself from the space of ignorance or denial to setting yourself up for embracing diversity as a source of personal, business and societal transformation. The strength of the book lies in its practical wisdom expressed in succinct, yet profound pieces of insight and advice.

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